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Charitable Incorporated Organisations

The Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) is a new type of legal entity specifically tailored for charities registered in England and Wales. It is available to new organisations and is being introduced in stages for existing charities that wish to convert into the CIO form.

CIO's are designed to provide charities with the benefits of incorporation (limited liability for trustees and the ability to hold assets in the charity's own name), while avoiding the costs and administration of dual registration - CIOs will only need to register and file accounts and returns with the Charity Commission, whereas charitable companies currently have to register and file both with the Charity Commission and Companies House.

Unfortunately, the timetable for CIO implementation has suffered a series of delays, due partly to the low priority which voluntary sector legislation enjoys in the ministerial pecking order and partly to lack of resources at the Charity Commission.

CIO's were at last introduced for new charity formations in January 2013 and are being introduced for existing charities in stages.



Last modified: 22 December 2015